feng shui bracelet meaning benefits rules

Feng Shui Bracelet Rules

There are some basic feng shui bracelet rules that you should Dos and don’ts of wearing a feng shui bracelet Feng shui bracelets can work to align your body’s energy fields, bringing your dreams and goals into The…

diagonal placement bed feng shui

Feng Shui Bed Placement For Couples

The first step in creating a harmonious environment in your bedroom is to find a location that is suitable for both of Avoid sleeping near water bodies or a single If possible, avoid placing the bed in the…

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Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules

There are a few rules regarding feng shui bed For example, doors should not open in line with the If they do, use a feng shui crystal ball to adjust their In addition, the headboard should be…

Small Bedroom Interior Designs Feng Shui

Feng Shui For Bed Placement in a Small Room

There are some feng shui considerations you should make when putting the bed in a small Below are a few more Keeping your bedroom clutter-free Using feng shui for bed placement can be extremely beneficial for a small…

Neatly arranged bedroom at home with large glass window

Where to Put Bed in Room with Windows?

If you want to add some windows to your bedroom but still want to have a private space, you have a few One of these options is to place your bed at a lower level than the window, which…

Feng Shui and Bed Placement

Feng Shui and Bed Placement

When placing your bed, there are a few things to consider: the foot of the bed should not point toward the door or other traffic-directing If it does, the footboard can act as a buffer for the door, as…

Real Life Application for a Feng Shui Bed

What is Bad Feng Shui for Bedroom?

When determining what is good and bad feng shui for your bedroom, consider how these elements can affect the energy you want to Avoid curved surfaces, high, sloping ceilings, large mirrors, and All of these can make your…

Feng Shui Sleeping Head Direction

Best Feng Shui Sleeping Head Direction

When deciding which bed to buy, keep in mind the feng shui One important rule is to avoid placing the bed too far from the door leading to the However, if you want to sleep well, a bed…

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What Feng Shui Is For Good Health?

Staying healthy is an ever-growing priority, and a lot of us are starting to understand its Good hygiene, sanitation, and social distance are all essential in staying Stress can weaken your immune system and hurt your mental

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules

If you’re not sure how to implement feng shui into your bedroom, you can start by following some of these simple Once you understand these principles, you’ll be well on your way to a harmonious Creating good feng…