Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules

There are a few rules regarding feng shui bed placement. For example, doors should not open in line with the bed. If they do, use a feng shui crystal ball to adjust their alignment. In addition, the headboard should be on a solid wall opposite the toilet. If possible, adults should have space on both sides of the bed. Also, remember to avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom, because they activate your personal “lonely pillow” direction.

Mirrors in the bedroom activate your personal “lonely pillow” direction

Mirrors in the bedroom can disturb the ‘lonely pillow’ direction, as they reflect light – which is Yang energy – and thus keep you awake. They can also make the Qi in your bedroom more active, causing you to toss and turn until the Qi remains still. So if you have a large mirror in your bedroom, make sure it’s covered or a good idea to have a mirror cover instead.

The ‘lonely pillow’ direction is the reason that you may find it difficult to have a long-term relationship. This ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction also prevents you from having a loving relationship. By knowing this direction, you can avoid getting triggered by its influences. Avoid having mirrors in your bedroom if you want to stay married.

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Other no-nos in a feng shui bedroom

It might be confusing to find all the feng shui bedroom rules. For starters, electronics should be avoided in the bedroom. They produce active energy, which can be disruptive to sleep. You should also avoid mirrors, and place them opposite the bed. Mirrors in front of the bed can cause problems for your relationship and marriage. You may also wish to consider placing a mirror inside the closet.

Other no-nos in a fang shui bedroom: The bed shouldn’t be placed under a window or ceiling feature, which can disrupt the energy. Also, keep clutter out of sight. Another feng shui no-no is water. Fountains, water features, and pictures of water are all bad in a bedroom. And plants are thought to contain too much energy and should be kept away from the bed.

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