Feng Shui For Bed Placement in a Small Room

There are some feng shui considerations you should make when putting the bed in a small room. Below are a few more tips.

Keeping your bedroom clutter-free

Using feng shui for bed placement can be extremely beneficial for a small bedroom. According to feng shui principles, a bed should be placed away from walls, not against them. This is because feng shui believes that pushing a bed against a wall disrupts positive energy flow. If this is the case in your bedroom, then you need to place your bed in an area that is open and clutter-free.

Keeping your bedroom clutter-free and relaxing is another key aspect of feng shui. Putting the bed facing a door allows you to see the door while sleeping. Soft colors are good for creating positive energy in the bedroom, so it’s best to keep large wall surfaces covered with curtains. And don’t forget to hide your electronic devices behind curtains! You’ll feel more peaceful in a room without all the clutter.

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Keeping your bedroom door open or closed while sleeping

Many people have asked themselves the question, “Should I keep my bedroom door open while sleeping?” The answer depends on how comfortable you are with the door’s position. If your bed faces the door, you should hang red ribbons to break the cutting effect of the beams. This will allow the chi to flow up and away from your bed. On the other hand, if you sleep with your bedroom door facing the bathroom, you should keep the door closed. A mirror on a door will reflect negative energy, and your bed will be in a direction that does not make you feel restful or relaxed.

Regardless of the theory behind the practice, it is important to understand that keeping the bedroom door open or closed while sleeping has important benefits. Good feng shui placement can reduce noise, interruptions, and negative energies that can interfere with a good night’s sleep. In addition to alleviating noise and disruptions, proper feng shui placement will bring you peace of mind and good health.

Feng Shui Bedroom – Should Your Bedroom Door Be Open Or Closed?

Bedroom Door Which Way

Keeping your bedroom door at a good height

For a bedroom, the door to your bedroom is an important feng shui feature. The door represents your life force and if it is closed, the energy will be blocked. A bed in the same position as the door will also block the energy. So, you need to position your bed at a good height so that it faces the door and is not blocking the energy flow.

When rearranging a bedroom, keep it simple and organized. Try keeping the room free of clutter and keep the headboard at a good height. The best headboards are solid, whether they are upholstered or wood. Also, keep any clutter out of the area under the bed. If you have a linen closet underneath the bed, store those items in this area.


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