What is Bad Feng Shui for a House?

In feng shui, a staircase facing the main entrance is considered bad. It allows chi to flow into the door, which is associated with decreased wealth and assets. A bathroom located across the front entrance is also considered bad feng shui, as it will be the first thing people notice, which can increase bathroom visits. So, how do you avoid bad feng shui in your home? Here are some tips.

Mirrors directly reflecting a bed

A common misconception about feng shui is that mirrors in a bedroom are bad for a house. However, this misconception has no scientific basis. In fact, mirrors are actually considered good feng shui for a house, depending on which school you follow. In general, mirrors should be kept away from the bed, or be covered while sleeping.

Mirrors directly reflecting a bed

Toilets located in the East sector

Depending on the location of the toilet, it can have an adverse impact on your life. If you have a toilet in the north sector of your house, you might experience problems at work. Your boss and colleagues will feel it and you may face difficulty in your career. If the toilet is in the north sector, you may be prone to slander and gossip. Your relationships with your husband and wife will suffer, as well as your financial status.

Toilets located in the East sector

Having a staircase facing the main door

According to feng shui, having stairs facing the main door is bad chi. This is because the energy that flows in and out of the front door flows directly down the stairs. This can represent bad fortune in finance or diminished resources. Having a stair in front of the main door also impacts the energy flow throughout the house. A good way to avoid this ill feng shui design is to place potted plants on either side of the staircase.

staircase facing the main door

Having a bedroom over the garage

Having a bedroom over the garage is bad feng shui for a home. This is because garages carry lots of motion and lack a solid foundation for the energy of relaxation. If your bedroom is over the garage, you should move it to another room, or reorient it to be above the garage. Cure for a bedroom over the garage usually involves improving the air quality in the room and grounding the energy.

Having a bedroom ove the garage

Having a window behind a bed

A strong headboard is necessary for a bed in front of a window. It will provide support and can be placed in a way that blocks negative chi from the room. Make sure the headboard is solid and has no bars or perforations. To provide visual reinforcement and energetic support, hang drapes or blinds. Make sure the window treatments are easy to clean.

Having a window behind a bed

Having a window in the boudoir

It’s not just bad feng shui for a boudoir, but it can also impact your relationship. Potted plants, for example, can detract from the romantic atmosphere of the room. Unlike flowers in vases, potted plants give off active energy, which does not contribute to the restful energy of a bedroom. Good feng shui also incorporates sound and scent. In addition to adding music, you can also add candles and firelight. Keeping the plants out of the bedroom is a mistake too, as it can create a “single” vibe.


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