Feng Shui Bed Placement For Couples

The first step in creating a harmonious environment in your bedroom is to find a location that is suitable for both of you. Avoid sleeping near water bodies or a single item. If possible, avoid placing the bed in the north. This is because there are many good places to spend quality time with your partner in the north. Once you have found the right location, you can then focus on finding the best Feng Shui bed placement for your partner.

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Avoiding single items

Single items in a bedroom create an impression of loneliness. Avoid placing artwork or pictures of a single lady in the room. Such images will convey a sense of judgment. Instead, use pictures of people sleeping in the bedroom. Avoid placing single items in a bedroom to ensure that your partner and you will have a better time sleeping. In addition, avoid placing one item in the master bedroom. Single items should be placed in the main living space.

Avoiding water bodies

Many feng shui consultants recommend not placing mirrors opposite beds, as this encourages intrusion and infidelity. To avoid this, it is best to place two identical nightstands, preferably with oval shapes rather than sharp corners. If you can’t afford two identical nightstands, make sure to choose a single one that’s slightly larger than the other.

Avoiding items in pairs

When placing a Feng Shui bed, avoid pairing items, like a pair of nightstands or a pair of lamps. These items are paired because they represent the same element and therefore promote equality. In addition, if your partner is single, avoid placing pictures of friends and family. In general, single people should place items that are singular, like art, in pairs, or in singles.

Avoiding items in the northwest

If you’re looking to enhance your relationship, try placing a bed in the northwest direction. The north-west location is good for younger couples, while the south-east location can lead to frequent arguments and quarrels. In addition, when placing a bed in the northwest, avoid placing anything in the northwest that will reflect electromagnetic rays. Electronic devices are known to cause tension and stress.

Feng Shui and Bed Placement

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