Feng Shui and Bed Placement

When placing your bed, there are a few things to consider: the foot of the bed should not point toward the door or other traffic-directing items. If it does, the footboard can act as a buffer for the door, as can a high bench or a table. Avoid storing items under the bed, as this blocks air flow and may hinder the energy of the room. Soft, fluffy items, such as comforters, can be stored under the bed. You should also know What is Bad Feng Shui for Bedroom

Good feng shui bed placement

If you are considering moving your bed to a smaller room, consider a few tips to make the process go smoothly. First, avoid placing your bed in front of a door. A “coffin” placement will block the way of incoming and outgoing traffic. To avoid this, put a high bench or table in front of the door to serve as a buffer. Additionally, avoid storing items under your bed, since this blocks the flow of air. Instead, store soft items, such as blankets, in this space.

Another tip for creating a harmonious bedroom is to place the bed in a corner. While there are many factors to consider when arranging furniture, the location of the bed is critical. The bedroom should be oriented so that the energy flows in the direction of the body. If the bed is placed too far away from the door, this can cause negative energy. It may also lead to sickness and bad luck.

Changing the height of a bed

Avoiding mirrors in front of the bed

If you have a small bedroom, avoid placing a mirror above the bed or opposite the window. The reflection from the mirror will cause glare and may not promote a restful night’s sleep. Avoid placing mirrors above the bed, either on the wall opposite the window or beside the bed. Mirrors should not face east or north, as they reflect negative energy. Instead, place them to the side, near the window or beside the bed.

While the idea of a mirror in front of the bed may be tempting, it is important to remember that the mirror can be distracting. During World War II, the United Kingdom used mirrors to detect enemy aircraft. But because the planes flew faster, the mirrors had limited success in giving early warning. Similarly, the reflection of sound can confuse the mind. Thus, it is best to avoid placing mirrors in front of the bed.

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Mirror in bedroom feng shui

Avoiding electronics in the bedroom

Studies show that the quality of sleep is significantly affected by the use of electronics, and a new poll by the National Sleep Foundation shows that 95% of Americans regularly use electronics in the hour before bed. The rise in popularity of cell phones, tablets, and e-readers has only added to the problem. In addition, 75% of children use electronic devices in bed, while 70% of adults do. Because technology can disrupt the quality of sleep, more experts are recommending that people stay away from electronics in the bedroom.

One study shows that two decades ago, televisions were the only electronic devices in the average American household. Now, most households have a TV and computers, and even smartphones. According to Pew Research, the average U.S. household has five electronic devices and up to 18% have 10 or more. Even fewer than half of this population has a television in the bedroom, and the noises from these devices can wake the partner up. And finally, the blue light emitted by many electronic devices disrupts the production of melatonin and throws the circadian rhythm out of whack.

Smartphone Bright Light

Avoiding footboards in a feng shui bedroom

According to Feng Shui, a footboard is bad for a bedroom. It can impede the flow of qi and drain life force. For this reason, it is important to avoid placing your bed near a window. A side of the bed should face the door instead of directly facing it. However, if you do not have a choice, you can place a high bench or table instead. The footboard should not block the view of the door. Another important design rule for your bedroom is to avoid storing things under the bed. This can prevent the flow of air, and interfere with your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Avoid using art with a single lady in it in the bedroom. Photos of family members and friends are not good feng shui. They may also cause judgment in the bedroom. If you are a single person, avoid placing photos of your family or friends in the bedroom. Avoid using framed art, photos of pets or stuffed animals in your bedroom. In addition, try to keep things in pairs rather than singular.

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