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When deciding which bed to buy, keep in mind the feng shui principles. One important rule is to avoid placing the bed too far from the door leading to the bathroom. However, if you want to sleep well, a bed should face the north, so that the direction of the head is north-east. If you’re not sure which direction is best for your head, read on.

feng shui principles

The principle of commanding position applies to where you sleep. The bed should be in a position that gives you the best view of the room. This is because a restricted field of vision restricts chi, which in turn limits your vision and life path. A larger space in front of the bed is beneficial in terms of health and wealth. In contrast, sleeping with your feet facing the wall is bad luck and can harm your career. Also, placing your bed against a wall can make you feel confined and cramped.

As mentioned above, sleeping in the direction of the east is the healthiest direction. According to the principles of feng shui, the best direction to sleep is the one that draws the most positive energy. The opposite is true for people who live in hot climates. For example, a warm room can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. The direction of your sleeping head is not as important as your position, however.

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Many practitioners of feng shui recommend sleeping with your head pointing south when you sleep. While this may seem counterintuitive, the energy flows are thought to benefit health. This practice is supported by scientific evidence. In particular, it is thought to help with restless sleep. The optimal sleeping direction is the one diagonal to the door, where the direction of human activity is minimal. It is also known as the command position, where a person is in control of their destiny. If your bed is located facing north, it can have adverse effects on energy flow and your career. You should avoid lying under a ceiling fan or beam to reduce the oppressive energy it creates.

When placing a bed, you need to consider the command position. The bed should be placed opposite the entrance or the party wall. If the bed is on a wall that is too high, the chi energy will flow down and not toward the head. It is best to place your bed against a solid wall. Otherwise, you should place a mirror on the wall above your bed, which will counteract the bad positioning.

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feng shui bed facing bathroom door

A feng shui bed facing a bathroom door can negatively affect the air quality in your bedroom. It can also increase the burden of your kidneys when detoxifying. To counteract this, you can try putting a plant in the bathroom or a mirror on the inside of your bedroom door. However, it is not recommended that you face the bathroom door directly, as this creates an imbalanced energy environment.

Moreover, it is recommended to keep the artwork outside your bedroom, as it speaks about your private life. It should be done in a way that depicts a couple, with no single object dominating the other. Family photos should be hung outside of the bedroom. The artwork should be kept at eye level, and if possible, you can even raise it to increase life force energy. The colors of the artwork should complement the color of your feng shui front door and the corresponding feng shui bedroom.

Changing the height of a bed

feng shui bed facing north

If you’re trying to apply feng shui principles to your bedroom, placing your bed facing the north is one of the best options. According to feng shui, the north is a good direction to face your bed, and the opposite of the east and west. If you’re looking to maximize your space, you’ll also want to choose the direction of your bed based on your birth season.

A good feng shui bed placement avoids beds that face the bathroom or the door. The bed should have a solid wall behind it to prevent negative energy from affecting you while you sleep. Avoid placing the bed against a mirror, or a window, because these two objects can reflect energy. Avoid placing heavy objects near your bed, too. They can interfere with sleep and cause pressure. Keeping these objects out of the way can also make the room feel more spacious.

Having a window behind a bed

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