Feng Shui Tips For Money Luck

Here are some tips to improve your luck with money. First, make sure the place or people you’re in give off good chi. Ideally, they’d be surrounded by good energy, while bad vibes would drain you. Your surroundings, as well as the people in them, also influence your mood. Positive energy attracts more money. And a place that feels good will attract more money.

Symbols of wealth

Adding some symbols of wealth to your home will attract more wealth energy. Purple and gold are both known as wealth colors. Symbols of money luck include a gold fish, a frog, a salmon, a money tree, and the Chan Chu money frog. You can also include a bronze horse. Each of these items has their own significance. Here are some examples of symbols of wealth:

Ancient Chinese coins are an auspicious and effective symbol for wealth. They were once the official currency of the Qing dynasty, and are often thought of as the ‘eight treasures’. Antique Chinese coins made of copper are good symbols of wealth and improve the Chi energy in a room. They should be placed in an area called the Xun, which is associated with money luck.

Feng Shui Money Frog


The money tree is a well-known plant in feng shui, and its smooth, golden leaves and braided stem have long been considered lucky symbols. Placed in areas of wealth, health, fame, and spirituality, the money tree attracts good fortune. Indoor varieties of the money tree don’t flower, but they are still a good choice to bring wealth and prosperity into your home or business.

The rubber plant is a particularly auspicious plant, and it removes pollutants from the air. This plant is relatively easy to grow, and only needs indirect light. Ensure that it has a well-draining potting mix, and avoid overwatering. Another good money luck plant is the Chinese money plant, which features attractive round leaves and can be placed in almost any room. You can also use a combination of two plants to create a lucky combination in your home.

Money Tree Medium


To improve your money luck in feng shui, focus on your wallet. Money is the most important element in your life, so it makes sense to keep a nice and tidy wallet nearby. The simplest way to attract luck to your wallet is to place three coins on a red ribbon next to it. In addition to placing three coins in the wallet, you can also place a few in a bowl on the floor or adjacent to it. According to Feng Shui philosophy, people who are poor have messy wallets. A neat and organized wallet is a sign of wealth, so be sure to keep your wallet clean and organized.

If you are building a commercial property, placing squares in the southeast and northeast sectors will enhance the energy of your building. If you are using the feng shui principles to create a home, consider adding earthen objects and furnishings to reinforce the energies of your building. Using fabrics with square patterns is also a good idea for boosting your property’s energies. Additionally, square furniture and fabrics can help your finances.

Water features

Incorporating a water feature in your home is a good idea, as long as it flows inwards. Avoid placing it in the bedroom, where the water element is believed to bring worry and negative energy. Avoid placing it on either side of the front door. This placement is also bad feng shui because it is believed to bring negative energy. If you’re planning to install a water feature in your home, make sure to carefully consider its location and color.

The location of a water feature in feng shui for moneyluck is vitally important. The east, southeast and north directions are good for attracting money and prosperity. South is bad luck because of its association with fame and reputation. If you place a water feature in the south, it can lead to misfortune for children. A good place for a water feature in feng shui is near the main entrance, where the water element attracts wealth. A water fountain on the left of the door is also ideal.

Feng Shui Water Fountain


You can use charms in feng shui to attract more money. The placement of lucky charms is important. A fresh bouquet of flowers in front of your desk, or a framed picture of a lucky coin in the bathroom, will bring good luck to you. The year 2022 is dedicated to the Rat zodiac sign. During this year, Rats should take steps to balance out negative energy, wear a lucky charm, and eat a lot of fish. The Rat is the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac, carrying pioneering energy. It represents the beginning of a new cycle.

The lucky fortune cat is a common charm in Feng Shui. It comes in a variety of colors and is often based on the Japanese Maneki-Neko. A different colored cat represents different things, and the left paw usually symbolizes a male cat. It attracts career success and wealth. Place a lucky fortune cat in your home, office, or even a bank.

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