There are several myths about feng shui. One of them is that it has to do with luck. Despite the popularity of this concept, it is not scientifically proven. There are many different schools of thought, and each one has its own interpretations. But there are some basic principles that make feng shui work. Learn about these concepts and get your home or business in the right position.

My name is Nick Chen, the founder of FS123.org. I am a passionate Feng Shui master, specializing in the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing and balancing energy within one’s environment. With over 10 years of experience consulting people from all walks of life, I have an unparalleled understanding of how to effectively utilize Feng Shui principles to improve lives.

I strive to combine my knowledge with creativity and intuition to provide practical solutions that can help bring balance and success into people’s lives. My diverse background includes training in classical Chinese metaphysics, meditation techniques, space clearing rituals, elemental analysis and more.

In addition to offering consultations both in-person and online, I also teach seminars on the fundamentals of Feng Shui principles for those who are interested in learning more about this powerful practice.

Nick Chen

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