4 Feng Shui Things to Avoid

A common mistake many people make is changing the color scheme of their room. Changing the colors of your room has important feng shui effects, but you need to know that there are things you should avoid doing at all costs. These things include adding art, mirrors, dried flowers, and changing the location of objects on your walls. Read on to learn more. Once you know the principles of feng shui, your home will be a better place than ever.

Changing the color scheme of a room

Changing the color scheme of a room in feng shui can have a dramatic effect on the energy in a room. Some colors promote better energy flow and other colors cause negative effects. Fire-element people should avoid red, yellow, orange, or blue colors. This is because water puts out fire. Changing the color scheme of a room can help people feel better, but it’s important to consider the effects it could have on your life.

While red is a powerful color associated with passion, green is a more subtle color that brings calming energy. A green bedroom is good for promoting good health, and touches of nature are welcome. Green house plants can help complement blue or green color schemes. Plants can add contrast to other colors. Colors such as terracotta are fine in a feng shui room.

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Adding mirrors

Mirrors have several health benefits, but there are a few Feng shui things to avoid when adding them to your home. First, keep in mind that mirrors should reflect the positive elements in your home. They should be placed in a room where they reflect the view you want to create. Another important aspect of mirror placement is its location. Make sure the mirror has a view of a peaceful landscape or other positive elements. Mirrors are often used to reflect the water element and thus are a popular decorative piece.

Mirrors are easy to install and can be a powerful Feng shui tool. When used correctly, they can help cure many of the negative effects of a room. In the dining room, for example, a mirror placed on the dining table is a great Feng shui way to attract prosperity. It can also attract money, since the dining room represents the family’s wealth.

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Placing art on a wall

When it comes to choosing artwork for your home, there are a number of feng shui things to avoid. Some of these items are associated with negative energy, while others can support your well-being. One feng shui thing to avoid is placing a painting of a ballet dancer on your wall. In other words, avoid hanging the picture above your bed.

First of all, avoid hanging dark pictures on your bedroom’s north wall. Paintings that depict sadness should not be hung there. Mirrors are also a feng shui thing to avoid. You should also check the walls of your office to make sure that they are welcoming and allow positive energy to flow freely. If they do not, consider using a different type of art to decorate your home.

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Adding dried flowers

Adding dried flowers to your home is not an absolute no-no when it comes to feng shui. Dried flowers lack the life energy that fresh flowers provide, and they also represent death. However, there is one exception to this rule – the dried flowers can still have a positive effect. Listed below are some reasons why you should avoid bringing dried flowers into your home.

Dry flowers: Although these types of plants can enhance the chi in your home, you should avoid putting them in corners that are associated with wealth and prosperity. If you want to enhance feng shui in your home, keep only a few dried flowers on a shelf, and place them in corners that are associated with love and marriage. You can also add fake plants, such as succulents, to maximize the feng shui impact of your decorations.



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