What Feng Shui Is For Good Health?

Staying healthy is an ever-growing priority, and a lot of us are starting to understand its benefits. Good hygiene, sanitation, and social distance are all essential in staying healthy. Stress can weaken your immune system and hurt your mental well-being. Luckily, feng shui can help you maximize good energy in your home. This article explores the benefits of certain feng shui basics.

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is an important Feng Shui symbol that can promote mental health and tranquility. A Laughing Buddha statue is a powerful cure for tension and financial worries. Laughing Buddha statues are usually depicted in a meditating position. They can also help you improve your general health. If you don’t have a Laughing Buddha statue, you can purchase one in your local market.

A Laughing Buddha can help you improve your career prospects, avoid conflicts with co-workers, and enhance academic performance. Laughing Buddhas should never be placed on the floor or on a TV set. You should also avoid placing them over an electrical outlet, motor, or a shoe rack. Laughing Buddhas are best placed in areas with good energy. However, they aren’t suitable for every room.

Laughing Buddha


The tortoise represents long life and respect. Its presence in the home can help those with insomnia, anxiety, and fear of sleeping alone. It is also good for children, especially if you have one next to a child’s bed. Its placement in the northwest or east increases the luck of the patriarch and creates a dedicated attitude. But don’t just keep one at home. It is a powerful Feng Shui item for good health!

Putting a tortoise figurine or painting in your home can also have many benefits, ranging from protection to good health. The animal’s back position is closely related to that of the celestial animals. In addition to the protection and good luck that a tortoise can provide, a tortoise figurine or statue can also strengthen your qi, a very important element in feng shui.


Himalayan salt lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp is an effective tool for improving health. Its positive energy helps people reduce stress, and the glow it emits is soothing. Its pink color is believed to promote good health. It is mined in Pakistan. Unlike other salt lamps, it does not emit harmful electromagnetic waves or pollutants. You should choose a Himalayan salt lamp that is made from the genuine minerals mined in this area.

Another benefit of a Himalayan salt lamp is its purification properties. Its hygroscopy property allows it to absorb contaminated water molecules in the air and lock them into its crystal. This purification process is beneficial to your health, since the salty air can clear your air passages. The salt lamp has the potential to improve the mental state of people suffering from stress and anxiety.

himalayan salt lamp benefits feng shui

Bagua mirror

The Bagua mirror in feng shui is for good health because it deflects destructive energy. Sha chi, or negative energies, can cause health problems when they enter your house through the front door. These energy disturbances are called poison arrows and may come from a sharp corner in a neighboring building or “T” intersection. A mirror in your home will deflect bad energy while luring good energy in. There are three different types of Bagua mirrors, each with a different effect on your home.

The Bagua mirror comes in two shapes – convex and concave. Convex mirrors reflect positive energy, while concave mirrors deflect negative energy. If you’re thinking of buying a Bagua mirror for your home, remember that you should only use it on the outside of your house if you’re facing extreme negative energy. Otherwise, you’re only doing your home harm by attracting more bad energy.

convex bagua mirror on window min

Keeping bathroom in center of house

One of the most basic Vastu principles is to keep your bathroom in the north-western corner of the house. This helps to avoid negative energies and creates a space for positive ones. Another Vastu factor to consider is the direction of the toilet seat. It should face either the north or the south of the house, but a bathroom in the south is not recommended, especially for women. The floor of the bathroom should slope towards the north or the east, to help promote good health for the family.

In Vastu Shastra, it is best to place the bathroom away from the kitchen and the bedroom. This is because the bathroom has negative energy, which can flow out through the entire house, and the people living in it. It is also important to keep the septic tank in the north-west part of the house. However, you can have an attached toilet if you have a large house.

modern bathroom design ideas 4

Adding artwork

The placement of feng shui artwork is essential. The head of the bed should be in a commanding position in the room, facing a solid wall with a view of the entry door. Symmetry is important; a bed with open space on both sides of it will allow smooth access and bring balance. Artwork in the bedroom can bind relationships. You can use images of romantic lovers or peony flowers. Round shapes represent unity and accessibility.

Don’t fill every wall with art. Artwork that blocks energy flow will make you feel more tired. Use sparsely decorated areas where you can admire a collection of paintings or photos. Hang paintings, photos, or framed diplomas in these places. You may also consider displaying artwork in long hallways, as it will slow the rushing qi. However, don’t put too much artwork on the walls – choose a few pieces and make the hallway less busy.

feng shui wall art

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