How Do I Know If My House Is Good Feng Shui?

There are a few easy steps you can take to make your home a feng shui masterpiece. First of all, consider the rooms in your house. What are their characteristics? How do they affect you? If you live with a partner, for example, you should make sure that they are located in good feng shui rooms. Ideally, they should be in the front door and not in the kitchen or bathroom, as this is where arguments happen the most.

Natural light

The first way to tell whether a house has good feng shui is its amount of natural light. The amount of light a house receives depends on the climate of the area it is located in. If you have windows in the center of your home, the natural light will enhance the overall energy of the room. Adding mirrors to the room can help as well, by creating the illusion of more space. However, it is important to keep in mind that mirrors should not reflect your house’s cluttered or crowded areas.

A great way to increase the amount of natural light in a room is to keep the windows clean. Keep them smudge-free as they can interfere with your personal harmony. Another great way to increase the amount of light in a room is to avoid using blackout shades, which will only create an even more chaotic atmosphere. Instead, use non-opaque curtains that will allow light to penetrate even when they are closed.

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Front door

You can use some Feng Shui tips to determine if your house is good for attracting positive energy. For example, a wall directly in front of the front door can block the flow of chi and make it difficult for people to enter your home. Instead, place an object that captures the attention of visitors, such as a colorful vase of fresh flowers or an eye-catching piece of art.

Avoid placing sharp objects near the front door. Objects that have sharp edges bring bad chi. Avoid placing triangular objects like electric poles, telephone poles, or stop signs near your front door. They represent attack, fear, and evil intentions. If your house has a triangular roof, avoid placing it near the front door. Alternatively, place a mirror above the front door to remedy the energy.

A front door facing the stairs is bad feng shui. It symbolizes money rolling down the stairs, and also diverts guests away from the living space. Consider changing the flooring in your entry area to direct guests to the living space. The best way to determine if your front door is good feng shui is by its location. Keeping it away from stairs and avoiding it altogether will help you live in a better space.

How To Feng Shui Your Entryway


First of all, you should not position your sink or stove opposite your bed. The water element opposes fire, and if you place them in a conflicting position, your house will suffer in the long run. Your kitchen and dining area should also be on the same level as each other. It is also not good feng shui to position your bathroom door in line with the door to your bedroom.

Next, evaluate the energy surrounding your house. If your home is located near a densely populated area, your house is likely to absorb bad energy from the lot next to it. Likewise, if it is in an area with high traffic, it may be propagating bad feng shui in the area. A good way to improve the chi in your home is to install a partition or a false wall in the space.

If you are curious about feng shui, start by studying the basics of the art. Feng shui is a holistic process that takes into account the health effects of various elements in your home. One example is air fresheners. Nowadays, artificially scented products contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health. If you want to improve your home’s feng shui, get rid of air fresheners and other products that can create unpleasant ambiance.

Feng shui tips for the modern kitchen


The best way to determine if your house is good Feng Shui is to examine how much natural light comes into your home. It should flow through the entire house and improve its overall atmosphere. Natural lighting is considered to be the best form of feng shui, because it lowers negative energy and enhances physical health. If your home does not have natural light, consider adding some artificial light in strategic locations.

Another way to determine whether your house is good feng shoui is to consider the placement of your bathroom. Exposed wooden beams can block chi energy and should be avoided. Also, a second-floor bathroom directly above the foyer is not recommended, as the waste water will sabotage the positive energy in the house. Exposed beams in the foyer can be an obstacle for positive chi energy.

The best remedy for a beam is a bamboo flute or representation of an angel or bird. These objects are said to protect against negativity and help contain bad odors. Be sure to also close bathroom cabinets to keep bad smells contained. The best Feng Shui homes use essential oils to enhance the energy throughout the house. Also, avoid clutter, as this will affect your mood and health.

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Commanding position

The Commanding Position is a key element of Feng Shui. This placement puts you in the best position to deal with the door, making it easier for you to gain positive energy and opportunities. You can establish this position in your home or office by placing the most important furniture in the area closest to the door. In addition, the Commanding Position should make you feel in control of the room.

In the home, the commanding position is a key principle of feng shui. This principle states that certain objects should face the door when entering the room. The bed, desk, and stove are the most important items to place in the Commanding Position. In addition to these items, it is also important to have the commanding position facing the doorway to minimize vulnerability.

In feng shui, the commanding position should be facing the door or a solid wall. This is because you’re most likely to receive good luck by putting yourself in a good position. You don’t want to put yourself in a vulnerable position by sleeping in a room that is unlucky. If you’re having trouble locating the right position in your home, it’s important to use the following tips.

Examples of the Command Position

Keeping obstructions out of a room

One of the easiest ways to promote good feng shui in a room is by keeping obstructions out of it. Obstructions are anything that doesn’t allow energy to flow freely in a space. This could be anything from a door that won’t close properly to unwanted clutter. By removing these obstructions from your home, you’ll be improving the flow of energy and enhancing your overall quality of life.

According to feng shui, clutter blocks the flow of energy. This energy influences your income and relationships. Keeping clutter and items out of a room helps your home become more spacious. As a rule of thumb, at least 50% of your shelves should be open and clutter-free. Keep your decor in clusters instead of dispersed throughout the space. Keeping obstructions out of a room in good feng shui will improve your life and relationships.

Walls are crucial to promoting good energy flow. Keeping obstacles out of a room can help you sleep better. If you place too many mirrors, for example, you can end up having a recurring nightmare or experiencing frequent insomnia. A simple way to fix this problem is to cover these obstructions with an opaque material. You can also keep your walls clean and clutter-free.

Using a bagua map to improve feng shui

When using the principles of feng shui in your house, the first step is to create a Bagua map. This grid is made up of nine areas that correspond to different aspects of your life. The Bagua chart is sometimes shown in the form of a compass. In addition to being displayed upside down, the feng shui bagua is colour-coded to indicate each area’s corresponding element.

First, use a bagua map to determine the locations of your rooms. The traditional way of drawing the map involves using a compass to determine which areas correspond to which aspects of your life. In addition, you can also use the “front door method,” which aligns the bottom part of your Bagua map with the bottom of your front door. In either case, the sunny areas correspond to the’reputation gua’ (fire).

The health area represents the heart of your house and is related to abundance and prosperity. Items that energize this area include ceramics, stone, and yin wood. To maximize the effect of the ‘health’ area, keep the rest of the house clear of clutter and objects that represent harmony. These elements will help you to create a harmonious atmosphere.

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