Feng Shui Ideas For Where to Keep Money at Home

When it comes to where to keep money at home, you can use feng shui symbols to represent it. For example, placing your change in a glass bowl will form an image of abundance. This is the same way as placing a piggy bank in a specific area. Adding pictures of money, a piggy bank, a jewelry box, or a savings account statement can be considered feng shui symbols.

Adding purple to a feng shui wealth corner

The power color purple is a great addition to the wealth corner in feng shui, especially when it is placed around the money area. Purple is one of the few colors that actually activates wealth. It was previously the hardest color to produce, and only the royals wore it as a symbol of wealth. It is also a great choice for a prosperity vase, as it symbolizes the money tree or a giant in the sky.

purple plant

Adding citrine

When it comes to attracting wealth, a few simple things can help attract it to your home. Citrine is a great crystal for wealth enhancement. Place it on the desk or in a corner of the home where you will see it everyday. This stone has strong financial reiki properties, and can help manifest your desired wealth. Citrine can also be used in feng shui money trees.


Adding oranges

Adding oranges to your home can bring good luck, and is also a feng shui strategy. Oranges symbolize wealth and are associated with New Year’s Day. Fruit and flowers represent growth and abundance, so placing oranges in your home can enhance its vibes. Also, citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, bring positive vibes to your home.

feng shui uses orange invigorate your home

Adding a dragon turtle

If you’re looking to make some changes to your feng shui, one idea that might help is adding a dragon turtle to your desk. The dragon turtle is a combination of two popular mythical animals, the turtle and the dragon. When placed in the right place, the dragon turtle can attract wealth and prosperity. The turtle can also serve as a visual reminder to keep your career goals in mind.

dragon turtle

Adding a money frog

In feng shui, money frogging is considered a lucky charm for wealth. Money frogs are shaped like money pouches. They usually sit on a gold ingot or bed of coins and are sometimes associated with an eight-sided bagua. A money frog can hold many coins, but some people prefer the jade version, which is considered a gemstone.

Feng Shui Money Frog

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