Feng Shui Ideas For Your Money Area

You’ve probably heard of the bagua, a Chinese tool that analyzes the energy of a room. By analyzing the bagua, you can determine which parts of the room influence specific areas of your life. The bagua is composed of eight directions, or “aspects”, and each represents a different part of your life. These areas are referred to as the money, career, family, love, and health.

Keeping trash out of feng shui money area

If you are a feng shui practitioner, you have probably heard about the importance of keeping trash out of your money area. This is because negative energy can collect in this area of your home, which can negatively affect your money luck. To avoid bad feng shui in your money area, you should keep the following items out of the area:

Keeping trash out

Adding a plant to feng shui money area

Adding a plant to a feng shui money area can be a powerful way to attract more wealth in your home. However, there are a few rules you should keep in mind before you purchase a plant for this area. First, it must thrive in the space. Infusing your home with a bad plant will only cause your feng shui money area to look unhealthy. If you want to add a plant, go for one that is healthy and grows slowly, such as a jade plant. Jade plants are a precious stone and are often associated with good fortune in East Asian cultures.

Money Tree Medium

Adding a symbol of water to feng shui money area

The placement of a fountain or some other type of water feature is critical for attracting wealth and prosperity. A water fountain is a major symbol of wealth and prosperity in feng shui, so you’ll want to place it in a southwest or east direction where flowing water can enhance the energy. Adding 27 coins or a water feature to your feng shui money area can also help activate the water element.


Adding a gold nugget to feng shui money area

Adding a gold nugget to your feng shui money area is a great way to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. Feng shui is based on the principle that it is important to know exactly what you want. Whether you’re looking to buy a luxury home or a modest apartment, gold nuggets have many uses.

gold nugget

Adding a purple plant to feng shui money area

One of the most powerful colors in feng shui is purple, and a purple plant can make this area even more prosperous. Purple is the primary color of wealth, so placing one in this area can help you attract more money and success. In feng shui, you can place purple in any direction in the house. Even though purple is an especially powerful color, it is not recommended to overdo it, as it can upset the yin and yang balance.

purple plant

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