Creating a Feng Shui Money Corner in Your Bedroom

In a feng shui Money Corner, the purpose is to make it appear rich. Light sage green will do nicely, while emerald, Kelly, and forest greens can make it appear opulent. These greens look natural together, as though the trees in a forest had all these shades growing together. Green can also be used to create a combination of other colors, like emerald and Kelly greens.

Activating a wealth corner

In feng shui, wealth is associated with the far left corner of your bedroom. You can activate this corner by placing purple accents, a small flowing water fountain, and a living green houseplant. It is not necessary to use an actual painting of wealth, however. However, you can get a hangi painting and place it on the wall or on a shelf in your bedroom. You can even use a small picture of a man holding a gold or red pot.

Adding four items to the wealth corner will help activate the money energy. These can be plants, pictures, and even coins. The most effective way to activate this energy is to place decorative items that are in the shape of a rectangle. Decorative items in this shape should be placed in the Southeast corner. Wood is a powerful element, so placing a piece of wood in the corner will activate the money energy in this area.

The southeast corner of a home is associated with the wood element. Activating this corner will allow you to create new streams of income. You can also have a sizable investment, which is symbolic of wealth. An adequate savings account can give you the financial ability to weather any difficulties, as well as provide for your older self. Wood is the element associated with this sector, so you may want to place an amethyst crystal there as well. Water-related elements like a fountain are also beneficial in activating this sector.


Activating a love corner

In feng shui, the love area is located in the far right corner of your bedroom. You can activate this corner by adding special high-vibe items in the bedroom. The love corner can be in the form of artwork on the walls or pictures of yourself and your partner. Make sure to listen to the messages coming from the universe to ensure it is a good space to create a love triangle.

Activating a love corner in your bedroom is essential for increasing romance and attracting a partner. The opposite wall of the love triangle is a good place to put a romantic figurine or painting. It’s important to remember that feng shui is more than just activating power spots in the bedroom. If you want to attract a partner, make sure you activate the love corner of your bedroom!

If you’re not sure where the love corner is, you can try using a pie chart method. Print out a 360-degree compass and place it over your floorplan. Line up the marks with the north-south axis. The love direction is the southwest. You can then place a candle in this corner, representing harmony. The candle must be red or yellow to activate the southwest corner.

Feng shui for love

Decorating a money corner

Creating a feng shui money corner in your bedroom is easier than you might think. This area is also known as the Wealth Corner or the Money Corner. But the correct name for it is Fortunate Blessings Area. The exact location of the Money Corner is based on the feng shui bagua. If you want to have a wealth-attracting money corner, there are some tips to keep in mind.

First of all, keep the area clean and clutter-free. The area must be emptied at least once every 14 days. Keeping the area clean will help activate good energy. Avoid using any type of paper or other material that will only clog the area. If you are decorating a money corner for a child’s bedroom, place a picture of your parents or the head of your household in the corner.

Next, choose colorful pictures that represent the elements of wood and water. Red is the color of abundance. Red colors are considered to be feng shui elements. Choose bold red colors like crimson or scarlet. While bold colors are good, they should not look vulgar or tacky. A rich red color can be sophisticated and classy at the same time. Using bold colors is a great way to make your Money Corner feng shui.

Here are some tips for enhancing money corner in bedroom.

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