Feng Shui Symbols of Wealth

The abundance of wealth symbolized by various feng shui symbols can be found everywhere. Money plants are an excellent choice. They represent prosperity is a symbol of abundance. The arrowana fish is a popular symbol, but goldfish are equally good. If you want to attract more wealth, you can place an aquarium, a water fountain, or a glass object in the wealth area. The other symbols of wealth include pictures of waterfalls, seascapes, and butterflies.

Feng Shui Water Fountain

The Chinese believe that red doors will ward off evil, so they choose to place them in their home. In addition, many cultures choose to base their home on a lucky number. For example, the number eight is considered lucky for many people. Koi fish are also powerful wealth symbols in Feng Shui. These are just a few of the wealth feng shui symbols. There are many other symbols of abundance that you can use to create a prosperous environment.

Besides red doors, you can also place koi fish or a picture of a koi in your home. These are powerful Feng Shui symbols of wealth. They will attract money to you and help you achieve your goals. For example, you should put a koi fish near your kitchen sink or in your bathroom to create good luck. The koi fish will bring prosperity to you and your family.

feng shui fish

A smiling Buddha will bring you good fortune. If you have a gold bowl, place a mirror on it. This will reflect the gold in your home. You can also place a mirror on your bathroom wall, where money can flow freely. When placed in the right place, it will bring good fortune to your house. The feng shui symbols of wealth are very effective and can attract wealth to your home.

Another popular feng shui symbol for wealth is the gold coin. A gold coin is a good sign. Likewise, a gold coin placed on a mirror will bring abundance to your life. A mirrored wall will attract wealth. You should not place money jars or other valuables in front of a mirror. A gold coin in the corner of a room will bring good luck, as it will reflect the color of the room.

Feng Shui Coins

A golden ring on the left side of a feng shui symbol for wealth will bring good fortune. A gold coin with a silver cross on it will attract wealth. You should place a mirror opposite a money jar in a dining room. It should reflect the same color as the dining table. When placing a golden or silver money jar in your home, make sure to place it in a prominent position.

Feng Shui symbols of wealth

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