How Do You Wear the Feng Shui Ring?

One question you may have when buying a feng shui ring is how to wear it. While there are many different types of feng shui rings, the general rule is that you should wear the stone that resonates the most with you. It’s important to research each stone before you buy, so you can choose the one that resonates with you most strongly. For more information, you can consult a Feng shui expert or master.

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Which finger to wear feng shui ring?

The finger on which to wear the ring depends on whether you are a man or a woman. For men, the ring is worn on the left hand while for women, it’s on the right. The index finger is called the authority finger. Wearing a ring on this finger shows authority, power, and social standing. People in sales jobs should wear their ring on this finger. In contrast, wearing a ring on the middle finger is thought to bring money luck and prosperity. It also symbolizes responsibility and balance.

The ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger, a symbol of marriage and obligation. It also represents the accumulation of wealth. A ring made of obsidian, like the Pi Xiu ring, should be worn on the left hand, and should be worn at all times during the day, except when sleeping, swimming, or having sex. Wearing the Pi Xiu ring can attract wealth and prosperity for you.

The ring itself is also a powerful feng shui enhancer. Most Feng shui enthusiasts believe that the Pixiu Mantra ring is the most effective one for wealth. Wearing the Pixiu ring on the right middle finger is believed to help the wearer strike a balance and attract money luck. Consequently, a ring worn on the right middle finger is also good for a relationship, helping to improve it as well.

It is important to remember that the Year 2020 is an auspicious date to spring clean, and it is also a very auspicious year for the Feng Shui Rooster. A bad Feng Shui floorplan layout should be avoided when choosing a house. The various types of money plants are important to a Feng Shui home, and you can choose them to increase the luck of your new home.

A ring worn on the middle finger is an effective way to attract wealth and improve interpersonal relationships. It can increase your social status and authority, as it represents responsibility. It can also bring wealth and money luck. As far as the middle finger is concerned, it is best for married couples to wear rings on this finger. Despite its popularity, single people should avoid wearing one if they are still single.

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