Feng Shui Cures For Missing Areas: How-To Quick Fixes

Feng Shui has always intrigued people worldwide with its profound influence on energy flow and harmony. Today, we’ll delve into a less-explored topic: how to cure missing areas in your home using Feng Shui. Let’s unravel this mystery and reinstate balance to make our living spaces more inviting.

Identifying Missing Areas

As per the Bagua map, every house is divided into distinct sections, symbolizing different life aspects like health, career, or relationships. First, we need to recognize these ‘missing areas.’ They’re often irregular-shaped parts of our homes, such as L-shaped or U-shaped houses.

Using Mirrors as the Cure

The simple act of placing mirrors can magically cure missing areas. For instance, placing a mirror that reflects an outdoor view effectively expands the space and brings in the essence of exteriors.

Using Light to Enhance Energy Flow

Strategic placement of lights can effectively amp up chi (energy) flow in areas hitherto ignored or forgotten. The right kind of lighting can brighten up dark corners, symbolically reintroducing those spaces into your life’s equation.

Adding Plants for Restoration

Plants are not just aesthetic additions; they breathe life into dead spots. By introducing plants, you’re essentially infusing pulsating energy into otherwise neglected spaces.

Creating Pathways for Chi Flow

To remedy these incomplete zones, creating pathways guiding chi (the life force) is essential. You can use rugs leading towards this area or hang paintings that prompt eye movement towards these regions.


Restoring missing areas through Feng Shui may seem daunting initially, but once understood, it becomes second nature! With small tweaks like adding mirrors or plants or employing light fixtures strategically, you will harmonize your living space effectively while improving your quality of life immeasurably. Happy harmonizing!


How can I identify the missing areas in my home?
Use a Bagua map to identify irregular-shaped areas or sections representing different life aspects.

How can mirrors help cure missing areas?
Mirrors can expand space and bring in energy by reflecting outdoor views, effectively remedying missing areas.

What role does lighting play in enhancing energy flow in these areas?
Strategic placement of lights can brighten dark corners and improve chi flow, reintroducing neglected spaces into your life.

Why are plants recommended as cures for missing areas?
Plants breathe life into dead spots, infusing vital energy into previously neglected spaces.

How can pathways aid in balancing chi flow in missing areas?
Creating pathways such as rugs or paintings guides chi flow, harmonizing the incomplete zones effectively.


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