feng shui office

Best Location for Home Office in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the best location for a home office is the south-east This is because this location is the wealth You should place a desk in the southeast corner because it will help you attract more money…

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How to Choose a Feng Shui Mirror

How to Choose a Feng Shui Mirror?

While there are no set rules, there are a few rules you should follow if you want to maximize the benefits of your new Feng Shui First, the mirror must be placed on a This means that it…

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Where Not to Put Mirrors

Where Not To Place A Mirror In Feng Shui?

Mirrors are good for reflecting the light of the day and happy However, they should never be placed on walls that are directly adjacent to one In feng shui, mirrors should be positioned in a way to reflect…

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no mirror in bedroom

Why No Mirrors in Bedrooms?

Some feng shui schools say that there is no need for mirrors in It may be because the mirror can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night worrying about your Others say that the…

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Mirror in bedroom feng shui

Are Mirrors in Bedroom Bad Feng Shui?

You might ask: Are mirrors in bedroom bad feng shui? The answer is yes and If you choose to place the mirror facing the bed, you may be creating an environment that encourages It is said that the…

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Feng Shui rule

Mirror Facing TV Feng Shui Tips

If you are considering placing a mirror in your living room, you will want to consider the best mirror placement for You will want to place it in the southeast corner, where it can reflect positive energy, and avoid…

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Feng Shui Mirror Facing Window – Is It Bad?

A feng shui mirror facing a window isn’t necessarily bad, but it can Depending on the location, it might not be as auspicious as you If you have a large mirror facing a window, consider whether this is…

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feng shui mirror placement

Feng Shui Mirror Placement For Luck

You may have heard about feng shui mirror placement for bringing It’s important to place a mirror in a good location to promote The right location will depend on the space and elements within the It’s also…

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feng shui for home

What Everybody Ought to Know About Feng Shui For Home

The most important part of the feng shui system is its application of the bagua (the eight This map contains different shapes and colors, and is based on the compass reading of the One of the most common…

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feng shui and home

The Secret of Feng Shui and Your Home Decorating

According to Feng Shui, buildings and sites should be located on an ideal site, which also helps the flow of When planning a construction project, consider where the land is located, the area surrounding it, and the direction of…

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does feng shui really works

Does Feng Shui Really Work?

Does Feng Shui really work? If you’ve ever wondered why feng shui works, you may have been wondering how it applies to your Disorganization in the home is one of the main causes of stress, depression, and The…

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why feng shui is important

Why Feng Shui is Important?

One of the first questions that you might be asking is why Feng Shui is It has become very popular among modern people because it helps you harness the energy of your We all know that our desks…

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how can feng shui help you

How Can Feng Shui Help You?

If you’re interested in improving your life and love life, feng shui can help you do just The basics of feng shui are as easy as following the You can use crystals in your home or office to…

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