Are Mirrors in Bedroom Bad Feng Shui?

You might ask: Are mirrors in bedroom bad feng shui? The answer is yes and no. If you choose to place the mirror facing the bed, you may be creating an environment that encourages infidelity. It is said that the reflection in a mirror doubles the energy and luck of the person who is sleeping on it. However, if you want to make sure that you have a good night’s sleep, the mirror should be facing the other direction.

Mirrors reflect sound, which is why they are not advisable in a bedroom. Even during World War II, mirrors were used to detect enemy aircraft. But these mirrors could only provide early warning when planes were flying faster than the horizon. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, the mirror in the bedroom should be covered at night. Moreover, the reflection of sound in the room can confuse the mind, which is why feng shui recommends avoiding them in bedrooms.

where to put a mirror in bed room

Mirrors in the bedroom should be kept far away from the bed. The reason is that mirrors reflect constant energy throughout the room, which can add to stress. The same applies to the placement of a mirror on the divider opposite the bed. Furthermore, feng shui recommends covering mirrors at night. It is also important to remember that many people find it stressful to look at themselves in a full-length reflection of their face.

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