Feng Shui Bed Placement Cures

There are several feng shui bed placement cure techniques. If you’re trying to improve the flow of energy in your bedroom, you should avoid the ‘Dead man’s position’. Other tips to avoid the ‘Dead man’s position’ include keeping a mirror facing the window and closing the wardrobe doors. If any of these tips don’t seem to help, read on to find out how to make these changes.

Feng Shui and Bed Placement

Optimum feng shui bed placement

Optimum feng shou bed placement is critical to health and wellbeing. The placement of the bed can make a big difference in the quality of a person’s sleep and their life. Poor placement can result in ill health and lack of respect. In addition, the ultimate bed position should be a position that allows the sleeper to see visitors and not in line with the door.

‘Dead man’s position’

The dead man’s position is a bad feng shui bed placement. It symbolizes the dead being carried out of a home and causes bad energy to enter the bedroom. It is best to sleep on a side facing the door or at an angle. This will allow for more space in the room and invite love. If you’re looking for the best feng shui bed placement, try sleeping on a king or queen-sized bed. However, many practitioners recommend putting the bed in a corner rather than directly across the door.

Real Life Application for a Feng Shui Bed

Mirror facing window

There are feng shui schools of thought that say placing a mirror in a bedroom is not a good idea. Many people believe that mirrors have magical powers, and thus should never be placed facing the bed. In addition, mirrors can be uncomfortable and even creepy to look at while you sleep. So if you have a mirror in your room, consider placing a feng shui crystal between it and the bed.

Closed wardrobe doors

The correct placement of your bedroom door is critical to ensuring good feng shui. Avoid placing the bed in the “coffin” position, where the foot is facing the door and faces the main traffic path. Place the appropriate furniture at the foot of the bed to provide protection, such as a footboard. Also, if you can, place a table or high bench at the foot of your bed to prevent the door from blocking your view. Do not place a wardrobe under the bed, as this keeps air from flowing. However, if you must store items, you can put soft objects on the floor in front of the door, and the storage space can be accessed from the bed.

Bedroom Door Which Way

‘Commanding position’

One of the most basic principles of feng shui is the commanding position. You can implement this rule on your bed or desk. In Feng Shui, commanding position is a good idea since it represents wealth, nourishment, and work in this world. It is also important that your bed not face a door. However, it is not necessary to have the door in your commanding position. You can place a wind chime or crystal ball to alleviate this problem.

Feng Shui and Bed Placement

What is Bad Feng Shui for Bedroom?

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