The Secret of Feng Shui and Your Home Decorating

According to Feng Shui, buildings and sites should be located on an ideal site, which also helps the flow of Qi. When planning a construction project, consider where the land is located, the area surrounding it, and the direction of windows. Using symmetry is also a key part of the practice. Many ancient Chinese cities and tombs were built according to feng shui principles. For example, the forbidden city of Beijing was constructed using a symmetrical grid.

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The first principle of feng shui is called the Five Elements Theory. It represents the five elements in a home or building in a harmonious way. The Five Elements are a mix of fire, water, earth, and metal, and should be balanced to encourage a good mood. In addition to color, feng shui practitioners also use a system of symbols, called the Bagua, to help promote proper Chi flow throughout a space.

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The position of furniture is another essential feng shui principle. Depending on what you want, you can move the bed, desk, or stove to a better position. Remember to place your bed and desk opposite the door. The bed should face the doorway. Having your back to the door will prevent your energy flow from being as good as it could be. A table near the entrance can be an effective solution to ensuring that you can enjoy peaceful sleep.

The placement of objects in your home is also crucial. You want to make sure that the areas you visit often do not pose a tripping hazard. Avoid placing things where you don’t need them. This will improve the flow and efficiency in your home. When selecting furniture, try to find those with a neutral color scheme. If you can’t choose a neutral color, consider adding accent pieces that have a subtle feng shui theme.

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The compass in Chinese feng shui is the corresponding directions of north and south. This is the middle of the compass, which is occupied by the Middle Kingdom. The direction of south corresponds to warmth and beauty, while the direction of the east is the one where prosperity and success reside. It is important to pay attention to the shape of your windows, as they are the eyes of your home.

The commanding position of important items in your home is important. A commanding position refers to the placement of a bed or desk. This is a crucial aspect of feng shui, as it refers to the position of an object. Ideally, a person should be able to see the door from his or her bed, and a desk should be directly facing the door. The door should be visible and close to the wall, but not in the same room as the bed.

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