How Do You Use The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet?

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet

If you’re curious about the benefits and rules of the feng shui black obsadian wealth bracelet, then you’ve come to the right place. This article explains how to use the black obsidian wealth bracelet and where to wear it. Read on to learn more! Until then, enjoy reading these rules and benefits of the black obsidian wealth bracelet.

feng shui black obsidian wealth bracelet

Using a Pixiu feng shui black obsidan wealth bracelet can attract wealth energies. The bracelet is a combination of black obsidian beads and a tiny Pixiu amulet. Wear the bracelet with the Pixiu face facing outward. Wear it in the direction of your little finger. The longer you wear the Pixiu, the stronger your connection with it will be. You should avoid touching the Pixiu’s eyes or mouth when wearing the bracelet. In addition, you should avoid sleeping with it on.

Purchasing a Feng shui Black Obsidian wealth bracelet is a good investment. It helps you attract new opportunities in life. The dragon in the Feng Shui art represents strong yang energy and is one of the auspicious symbols. Wearing a Black Obsidian stone bracelet is a trendy and functional way to have constant flow. Jade stones help you awaken to a higher consciousness.

feng shui bracelet meaning benefits rules

Rules for wearing it

If you are considering buying a feng shui black obsidan wealth bracelet, you are probably wondering what the rules are. First, remember that you should never wear this bracelet while having sex. You should also not wear it in a bedroom, as the water can damage the obsidian. Lastly, it is important to clean the bracelet properly. For best results, use camphor or sage and rice water to clean it.

Pixiu wealth bracelets should be worn on the left wrist, because it is considered a receptive side in Feng shui, and the right wrist is a projective side. Wearing this piece on the left wrist will draw wealth to you, while wearing it on the right wrist will bring good fortune to you. Make sure to keep the Pixiu in a position that is comfortable for you.


The benefits of wearing a feng shui black obsidial wealth bracelet are numerous. The stone’s healing abilities help to balance your energy system. The crystal’s color can help you attract love, as does its ability to balance your birth chart. The energy it gives off is clear and attracts more love to you. You will notice a change in your love life after wearing the wealth bracelet.

Wearing a black obsidian wealth bracelet can bring prosperity to your life. This piece of jewelry should be worn on your left hand to maximize the wealth-drawing power of the bracelet. In Chinese culture, the left hand is considered the receiving hand, allowing positive energy to flow freely through the body. It is also believed to help with the elimination of stress, which can be a major factor in your financial well-being.


Place to wear it

The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet is a great way to attract immense wealth and prosperity. Its protective powers help balance the flow of energy and encourage growth. Wearing a black obsidian wealth bracelet is a stylish way to have constant flow of energy. You can add another stone to make it even better. The Feng Shui Dragon is a powerful auspicious symbol and represents the strong yang energy.

If you have been dreaming about wealth for a long time, you may want to wear a Pixiu feng shui wealth bracelet. According to feng shui, the Pixiu is a spiritual being with an enormous appetite for wealth. By wearing a Pixiu wealth bracelet, you can attract wealth and abundance to your life. Pixiu attracts wealth and abundance when worn on the left hand.

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