Are Snake Plants Good Feng Shui?

Are you looking to bring positive energy into your home? Snake plants, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, are believed to be a powerful Feng Shui plant. In this video we’ll discuss the benefits of Snake plants and how they could improve your living space.

Learn all about the ways these beautiful plants can help create balance and harmony in your life.

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What are Snake Plants and why are they good for Feng Shui?

Snake plants, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, are a popular species of plant that is widely used in Feng Shui. This type of plant has long, slender leaves and can be found in both indoor and outdoor gardens. The snake plant is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their Feng Shui since it is known to bring positive energy into the home.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that having a snake plant in the home can bring harmony and balance while also encouraging good health and prosperity. Additionally, snake plants are believed to act as air purifiers by removing toxins from the air while adding moisture to dry indoor environments. They are also relatively low maintenance plants that require minimal care due to their resilient nature. Snake plants can also help reduce stress levels because of their calming presence in any room or office space.

How do Snake Plants purify the air?

Studies have shown that Snake Plants effectively take in carbon dioxide and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, ammonia and trichloroethylene from the surrounding environment. This helps create fresher air for those living or working indoors by reducing these pollutants which can lead to poor indoor air quality and potentially cause respiratory problems like asthma or allergies.

Are Snake Plants low maintenance?

Snake plants are rapidly becoming one of the most popular houseplants around. This is largely due to their ability to survive neglect and still remain attractive. They are hardy, easy-care plants that require little water and thrive in all sorts of light levels. Not only are they low maintenance and great for beginner plant owners, but snake plants have also been known to bring good luck and prosperity. As a result, this has led many to believe that snake plants can be used as part of Feng Shui design.

Where is the best place to put Snake Plants in Feng Shui?

Feng shui experts recommend positioning snake plants in the entryway of your home or office space as it is believed to welcome good luck with its large leaves. Snake plants can also be located in the living room or bedroom to help create a more tranquil atmosphere. It’s advised that they should never be placed directly across from the entrance as it will block vital chi energy flow.

Do Snake Plants need a lot of light to survive?

The good news is that snake plants are very forgiving when it comes to light. While they do prefer brighter spots with indirect sunlight, they can also tolerate low-light conditions quite well. In fact, they can even go without any direct sun at all and still remain healthy and vibrant! So if you’re worried that your home won’t give them enough light, fear not!

How often should Snake Plants be watered?

Generally speaking, you should only water them once every two or three weeks during the spring and summer months. During wintertime when there’s less sunlight available, reduce watering even further and give your snake plant a drink no more than once every month or two.

How does the shape and size of Snake Plants affect Feng Shui?

The ideal Snake Plant for Feng Shui should be tall and have multiple leaves at different heights for maximum impact. This type of plant symbolizes growth, strength, and renewal which are all excellent attributes for welcoming positive energy into your home. Additionally, the more leaves the Snake Plant has, the more oxygen it will produce which can help purify air quality indoors.

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