What Does Feng Shui Say About Bed Placement?

When planning a bedroom, you should be aware of the principles and advice of feng shui. If you have a bedroom that is divided between a door and a window, it is important to avoid placing the bed near a door or window. Avoid placing a mirror on either side of the bed. In addition, avoid placing your bed near a door or mirror.

Advice for creating a harmonious sleeping space

A cluttered bedroom can interfere with a good night’s sleep and your ability to concentrate. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, it could be that you have too much clutter in your bedroom. So, the first step in creating a peaceful, harmonious bedroom is to clean it up. Get rid of clutter by organizing your clothing, decluttering bedside tables, and removing unnecessary furniture. Here are some tips to help you create the right ambience for a good night’s sleep.

Feng Shui Sleeping Head Direction

Principles for achieving a favorable bed position

According to the principle of commanding position, a bed should face a door. This helps a person feel secure, and allows them to rest their mind and survival mechanisms, which are active 24 hours a day. Avoid placing your bed against a wall, unless you plan to put a mirror over it. Alternatively, you can put a mirror behind or above the bed. The footboard is an exception to this rule.

In Feng Shui, a bed is placed in a commanding position. This means it’s placed in such a way that it’s visible from lying down. Unlike other aspects of Feng Shui, a commanding bed position does not have to face a door directly. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to place it diagonally to a door. However, you should not place it in a position that will block your view of the door.

Feng Shui and Bed Placement

Feng Shui and Bed Placement

Avoiding placing your bed between a window and a door

You may be struggling to find the right place for your bed. In fact, in feng shui, placing your bed between a door and a window is considered bad luck. The dead man’s position is the most common example of this. In this position, your feet face the door and your body resembles the dead being carried through an open door. This is why it is best to avoid placing your bed between a door and a window.

One way to avoid placing your bed between a door and a window is to use a floatboard. If your bedroom does not have one, you can place a low screen between your bed and door. In addition, you can place heavy blankets at the end of your bed. If you do not have a floatboard or a low screen between a door and a window, you can use other Feng Shui strategies. In general, you should place your bed in the west, where it receives the most positive energy.

Is Your Bed Facing a Window Good Or Bad?

Bedroom Door Which Way

Avoiding placing a mirror on either side of your bed

While you’re in bed, avoid placing a mirror on either side of your head. It bounces energies around your room, causing restlessness and intensifying your worries. If you’re worried about attracting attention, place a full-length mirror inside a closet door and close it when you’re finished using it. Also, avoid placing a mirror on either side of the door that faces the north or the east, as these directions reflect positive energies away.

Another tip for avoiding a mirror on either side of your bed is to place it directly on the wall opposite the bed. Place it where there’s no direct light, so it won’t be in your face and will not reflect your room’s other items. You can also place it near a window, which will give off less glare. In addition, if you want to place a mirror on the wall beside your bed, you should place it near a window.

Where to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom?

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