How a Feng Shui Aquarium Can Improve Your Home’s Energy

Discover the power of feng shui and how a simple aquarium can help improve the energy in your home.
From placement to design, learn how an aquarium can increase positive energies and promote balance in your living space. With easy tips and tricks, this video will show you how to create an environment that is inviting, calming, and full of harmony. Unlock the secrets of feng shui with this informative video.

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Introducing Feng Shui in your home can bring peace, harmony, and positive energy. One of the ways to incorporate Feng Shui is by adding an aquarium. A Feng Shui aquarium not only adds beauty to your home but also has many benefits. In this blog, we will discuss the significance of a Feng Shui aquarium and the things you need to know before getting one.

Fish Symbology

In Feng Shui, fish symbolize wealth and abundance. The Chinese word for fish is ‘yu,’ which has the same pronunciation as ‘abundance.’ Therefore, having fish in your aquarium can attract prosperity and good fortune.

There are specific types of fish that are recommended for a Feng Shui aquarium:

  • Goldfish: They are believed to bring luck and wealth. The color gold represents prosperity, so having goldfish in your aquarium can enhance your financial situation.
  • Arowana: Known as the ‘dragon fish,’ they are considered lucky and powerful. It is believed that keeping Arowana in your home brings good luck and success.
  • Koi Fish: They are associated with perseverance and strength. Koi fish represent overcoming adversity and achieving success.

Water Element

The water element is crucial in Feng Shui as it represents wealth, career opportunities, and prosperity. An aquarium with flowing water symbolizes abundance flowing into your life. Additionally, it balances the energy in a room by reducing negative ions that can cause stress.

Best Feng Shui Aquarium Locations

The location of an aquarium is essential when it comes to Feng Shui. Here are some tips to help you choose the best location for your aquarium:

  • Place it in the southeast corner of your living room or office as it represents wealth and abundance.
  • Ensure that your aquarium is not directly facing the front door, as it can cause energy to escape.
  • Avoid placing it in the bedroom as water can create too much activity, which can disrupt sleep and cause restlessness.

Aquarium Tips

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when setting up a Feng Shui aquarium:

  • Ensure that the water is always clean and clear. Dirty water represents stagnant energy, which can hinder success and prosperity.
  • Avoid overcrowding your aquarium with too many fish. It can create an imbalance of energy and cause stress for the fish.
  • Add natural elements such as rocks, plants, and shells to enhance the beauty of your aquarium. These elements also represent earth elements that balance out the water element.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Feng Shui aquariums:

  • Do I need a large or small aquarium?
    It depends on how much space you have available. However, larger tanks are recommended as they provide better water circulation and allow for more fish.
  • Can I use artificial plants instead of real ones?
    Yes, you can use artificial plants. However, real plants provide better oxygenation for your fish and enhance the beauty of your tank naturally.
  • How often should I clean my aquarium?
    You should clean your tank at least once a week to ensure that the water remains clean and healthy for your fish.

Adding a Feng Shui aquarium to your home can bring many benefits, including prosperity, positive energy, and beauty. Follow these tips to create a harmonious and peaceful environment for you and your fish.

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