Feng Shui Bed Placement For Wealth

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If you’re interested in increasing your wealth in life, you may have heard about the importance of feng shui bed placement. This ancient Chinese practice has many practical benefits. For example, you can place a flowing water source in the bedroom to attract wealth and prosperity. It’s also important to avoid mirrors in your bedroom, because reflections reflect negativity. Moreover, you can also use the Flowing water source as a symbol of abundance in your finances in feng shui.

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Investing in high-quality bedding for feng shui

Investing in quality bedding is a great way to attract wealth, good health, and abundance into your life. Whether you have a small or a large home, investing in good-quality bedding will benefit all aspects of your life. Wealth is a natural product of the universe, but it can be attracted or lost, depending on where you put it. To attract wealth, place it where you want it to be: on your bed.

Changing the direction of your bed is another great way to attract wealth. In feng shui, the direction of your bed affects your money, relationships, health, and stability. If you want to attract wealth, you should place your bed in the front of the room, facing the window or other natural lighting. If you don’t have a window, you can always add a bedside table and put a candle in the corner.

Avoiding mirrors in a feng shui bedroom

The premise behind avoiding mirrors in a feng shiu bedroom for wealth is that mirrors can bring bad luck into a relationship. The mirror can increase the chance of infidelity, as it doubles the number of people in the room. Aside from causing restlessness, a bedroom mirror can lead to bad dreams and other bad luck. If you want to enjoy good health and wealth, place the mirror in the other room.

Another principle to remember is that yang and yin energy cannot coexist in the same space. Avoid placing work-related items in the bedroom, which can unbalance the energy. Mirrors also tend to reflect worries and create a feeling of restlessness. So, if you must work from home, keep work-related items in another room. However, if you absolutely must, avoid placing work-related items in the bedroom.

Why No Mirrors in Bedrooms?

Changing the height of a bed

Flowing water source as symbol of abundance of finances in feng shui

Flowing water is one of the most powerful symbols in feng shui, and for good reason. Adding water to your home is beneficial for both your health and your finances. For example, water fountains attract money and should flow toward your house, not away. Another way to incorporate water is to place artifacts with representations of water, such as a fish tank or a waterfall.

The position of your feng shui water source is crucial. Water is considered good for wealth in the northeast, east, and north directions. The south, on the other hand, is considered bad for wealth and represents fire and fame. Avoid placing a fountain in the south, as it is believed to cause misfortune for children. If you’re lucky enough to have a water fountain in your home, place it to the left of the main entrance.

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