How to Choose Feng Shui Fish Paintings

Feng Shui Fish Paintings are a type of Chinese artwork that dates back over 3,000 years. It is believed that having these paintings in your home or office can bring good luck, prosperity and wealth. Feng Shui Fish Paintings can be found in various styles and sizes and each painting has its own unique meaning.

Nine Fishes Painting

The most commonly seen Feng Shui Fish Painting is the “Nine Fishes” painting which contains nine fish swimming in two directions. This painting symbolizes the balance of Yin and Yang energy, the two opposing forces in life. The energy of Yin is associated with darkness, femininity, passivity, intuition and fertility while Yang energy symbolizes light, masculinity, activity and knowledge. The Nine Fishes painting represents abundance, harmony and peace within a household or office environment.

9 fish painting

Three Fishes Painting

Another popular style of Feng Shui Fish Painting is the “Three Fishes” painting which also contains three fish but they are swimming in one direction. This type of painting is believed to bring wealth into a home or office as it symbolizes the flow of money from all directions. It also encourages harmony among family members as it represents unity and cooperation between them.

3 fishes painting

Five Fishes Painting

The “Five Fishes” painting consists of five fish swimming in different directions which represent protection from negative energies entering a home or office space as well as bringing success to those who reside there. This type of painting also encourages balance within the family unit by promoting understanding between members for better communication among them.

5 fish painting

Other Fishes Paintings

There are several other types of Feng Shui Fish Paintings available such as the “Four Fishes” design which symbolizes health, longevity and protection against bad luck; the “Eight Fishes” design which symbolizes wealth; and the “Twelve Fishes” design which represents abundance and prosperity for all those living under its roof. No matter what type of fish you choose to place on your wall or shelf it will bring positive energy into your home or workplace while also providing beautiful decoration at the same time!

Feng Shui Fish Painting 007

Where to Place Feng Shui Fish Paintings

When selecting a Feng Shui Fish Painting for your space it’s important to consider where you will place it as this will determine its effectiveness at bringing good fortune into your life. As a general rule paintings should be placed either facing east for health benefits or facing north for wealth benefits but this may vary depending on individual circumstances so please consult an expert if you have any doubts about placement before making your final decision!

It’s also important to note that not all paintings have to be traditional Chinese designs; there are now plenty available featuring modern designs too so you can find something unique to suit any taste! When selecting artwork for Feng Shui purposes make sure you select pieces that feature colours or symbols that resonate with you personally – these could be anything from reds representing passion to blues signifying healing – so make sure you take some time out to carefully consider what works best before making any purchases!

Finally remember that when incorporating artwork into your space with Feng Shui intentions it’s always best practice to clear out any old clutter first – this helps create more positive energy flow throughout! And remember that if done correctly art should not only look beautiful but should transform how people feel when they enter a room – so get creative with colour choices today and start harnessing some positive energy with some stunning pieces!

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