Is Your Bed Facing a Window Good Or Bad?

A simple question in the feng shui world is: Is it good to have your bed facing a window? Some say it’s good because you’re less noticeable to intruders, while others think it will make you sweaty and short-tempered. In fact, it can be both! Find out more about this controversial topic. Below, we will discuss the pros and cons of putting bed in room with windows.

Mirror facing window is good in feng shui

According to the ancient Chinese feng shui philosophy, placing a mirror opposite a window is auspicious. However, the placement of a mirror is confusing, as some experts believe it is not at all auspicious. Here is how to determine whether a mirror facing a window is auspicious or not. Here are some tips on placing a mirror in your home.

If your house has a weak area in the bagua map, placing a mirror there is a good idea. Mirrors can expand energy and strengthen weak areas. But be careful not to place a mirror in the weakest area, as this can block the view of the outdoors. Moreover, mirrors can be positioned on the south side of a room, but should not be placed facing a window.

If you have a small foyer, placing a mirror facing the window can add visual space and amplify positive chi. But if your front door is full of people, it will deflect chi to the outside. Therefore, placing a mirror opposite the front door is a bad idea. The reflected energy will be concentrated on the front door. A mirror facing the door, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for a small foyer.

Where to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom?

Having a window behind a bed

It can lead to night sweats

Night sweats are a common complaint and may even be the cause of a medical condition. A recent study found that 41 percent of patients visiting their primary care physician had experienced night sweats. This condition is not caused by excessively warm rooms, excess blankets, or hyper-insulating pajamas, but can be a symptom of a latent health issue or infection. Here’s how to treat night sweats.

The causes of night sweats are multiple, and many can be related to your sleep environment. The temperature of your bedroom and the type of bedding you have may be factors. Other causes include illnesses, such as GERD or menopause, as well as mental or emotional disorders like sleep apnea. In some cases, anxiety or stress may be a contributing factor. If you suspect this is the case, you should consult a doctor immediately.

It can make you short-tempered

If you have ever wondered if sleeping with your head against a window could make you short-tempered, you’re not alone. Many people have this issue. They yell at drivers or scream obscenities. Regardless of the cause, you might need help managing your short temper. A few simple steps can make the difference. If you suffer from short temper, here are some helpful tips to help you deal with it.

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