The Difference Between Feng Shui and Catholicism

A recent controversy in the Philippines has exposed the link between feng shui and Catholicism. A Catholic priest recently told people to stop practicing feng shui and instead pray to God in order to attract more good energy into their lives. Despite the apparent contradiction between the practices, the relationship between the two is surprisingly complex. Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

One way to look at the difference between Catholicism and feng shui is to look at gemstones. Some Catholics believe in wearing gemstones associated with their month of birth. Traditionally, a person’s birthstone represents wellness and good fortune. Other religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, use other symbols to ward off evil spirits. Pearls are also considered lucky stones, but the Catholic Church does not believe in wearing them.

Feng Shui Catholicism

Catholics do not believe in feng shui, and there’s a difference between Catholics. Both religions use symbolic meanings for their symbols, but Catholics tend to reject feng shui entirely. For example, the pearl symbolizes loyalty and truth. This might seem to contradict Catholic beliefs, but Catholics have always been interested in the spirituality of stones.

Some Catholics don’t believe in feng shui. However, Catholics do believe in the birthstone, which represents one-third of the luck trinity. According to the Chinese, the lucky stone is connected to your birth month. Wearing your birthstone will ensure good fortune and wellness for you. For the Catholics, the pearl is symbolic of faith and truth. Those who practice feng shui often wear it to show their devotion to their faith.

Is Feng Shui Against Christianity

Despite the religious differences between feng shui and Catholicism, many practitioners of feng shui practice its beliefs. A Catholic priest warns its followers not to obsess over feng shui, as it contradicts their faith. A Catholic priest will not recommend a person to do something that would cause harm. This is not the only difference between a Catholic and a feng shui practitioner.

While feng shui and catholism are wildly different in their origins, they do share many similarities. Despite the similarities between the two, feng shui does not utilize supernatural powers. It uses natural forces to create a harmonious environment in a person’s home. For instance, the eight cardinal directions are important because they guide us in how to live well.

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