The Death Position of a Bed in Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui in a Day, it is important not to place your bed in the exact line of your doorway, or the “death position.” In ancient China, death beds were positioned along the path of the doorway. However, if you are prone to nightmares, you should try to keep your bed as far away from the door as possible. If you can’t avoid the alignment, you can try hanging crystals or bamboo flutes between the door and bed.

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Commanding position

The Commanding position of a bed in a room is a vital principle of Feng Shui. The optimal location of a bed is the opposite wall of the door, on the far left wall or diagonally opposite the door. These locations are also referred to as the “command position,” and are the most auspicious and supportive positions for a bed. The Commanding position also applies to the location of a desk.

Avoiding protruding wall edges

When choosing furniture, avoid placing beds against corners or sharp edges. In feng shui, these are known as “Sha” energies and can lead to heightened emotions or tiredness. Choosing the correct furniture for your bedroom is essential to achieving good feng shui. Read on for tips on choosing the best bed for your bedroom.

Avoiding ceiling beams

In feng shui, you should avoid placing a bed directly under exposed ceiling beams. These beams represent strong channels for chi, a subtle life force energy. These beams can cause negative effects in your home if they do not balance chi flow. Beams can also have a physical effect on sensitive people. Strong chi can constrict vital areas of your feng shui map, especially your life area.

Avoiding fans

It is considered bad feng shui to place your bed under the center of the ceiling. According to this ancient Chinese philosophy, structural beams and ceiling fans cut the chi, forcing downward pressure on sleepers. However, fans are not the only culprits. Using screen panels on the ceiling can also help you avoid seeing your office while sleeping. So, why don’t you give a screen a miss and avoid placing your bed under the center of the room?

Avoiding a dead man’s position

A common mistake people make when positioning a bed is placing it so that it faces a door. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, a bed facing a door is not as bad as one might think. In fact, it may have the opposite effect! The dead man’s position is actually a good thing in some ways! The following tips should help you avoid this common mishap.

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