Where to Put Bed in Room with Windows?

If you want to add some windows to your bedroom but still want to have a private space, you have a few choices. One of these options is to place your bed at a lower level than the window, which will unify the entire wall and set of windows behind it. This way, you can also add some plants. If the window is high up, there is no need to treat it differently. Treat it like a piece of art. Another option is to place your bed directly beneath the window, allowing the trim to act as a visual divider between the headboard and window. Anyway, you should follow Feng Shui Bedroom Rules.

Avoid facing the bed towards the window

If you have a bedroom with a window, avoid placing the bed with its head towards the window. This will prevent you from seeing the views outside the window while you are sleeping. You may want to consider putting a small mirror or lamp over the bed, but it is better to use a natural light bulb when it comes to lighting. It is important to keep the window area free from clutter, especially if you want a good night’s sleep.

Another common mistake is to place the bed against the window. Although this looks good on the outside, it has several disadvantages. Besides the drafts and noises, it can also block the room’s door in case of emergency. You can place the bed in front of the window if it has a smaller headboard. You can also try facing the window if you want natural light.

Having a window behind a bed

Create a focal point for your bed

Placing your bed in front of the window in a room with windows is a great way to draw attention to the bed, but there are some challenges with large furniture. A bed placed in front of a window will create a strong focal point, and you can dress it up with a headboard or drapery panels. Adding a striking pattern to the bed’s headboard can also add drama to the space.

To create a focus on your bed, choose a large, tall headboard with a correspondingly tall, narrow artwork. A feng shui artwork over the bed or an extravagant architectural feature can draw the eye away from the window, and vice versa. Instead of a painting, try using a rustic sign or personal memento as a focal point. If you have limited space in the room, consider placing the bed in a corner, so that it creates a focal point.

Pair your bed with a low nightstand or a wall-mounted one

If you have a room with windows, you can pair your bed with a low or wall-mounted nightstand. This will not block your view, nor will it overhang the window frame. Low platform beds are also a good choice for rooms with large windows, as they do not obstruct the view and will look elegant. Pair your low platform bed with a matching wall-mounted nightstand or low nightstand.

A good rule of thumb is to select a nightstand that matches the height of your bed. A standard bed stands around twenty-five inches, which makes it easy to find the perfect nightstand for your bedroom. However, some beds are higher than thirty-five inches and require you to buy a nightstand that is at least 25 inches taller. To choose the right height, measure your bed from floor to mattress top. Remember, it is easier to reach up than it is to reach down, which can be uncomfortable when you’re sitting.

Feng Shui Money Corner in Bedroom

Dress up your bed with drapery panels

If you live in a room with a window, dress up your bed with drapery panels to provide privacy, texture, and warmth. Depending on the size of your window, you can choose between a full-length curtain rod and sheer panels. Drapery panels also offer a great way to solve certain design problems. If your bed is made of a poster-style fabric with no frame, drape the fabric across the top of the bed. Alternatively, you can place it over the top of the bed and hang the panels from the ceiling.

Decorative rods are the perfect choice for curtain panels and window scarves. They can be draped in many different ways, from a simple layered look to a multi-colored ensemble. Window scarves make excellent bed frames and work perfectly as bed-frame accents. For a room with a window, the best choice is a curtain that drapes the bed in a soft, romantic manner.

feng shui money corner bedroom

Pair your bed with overscale wall decor

In a room with windows, a bold statement wall can draw the eye and create visual interest. In a Scandinavian-style bedroom, a large mirror over the bed can enhance the effect. A round mirror looks great over a bed, and its lightweight nature makes it less of a tripping hazard. To add character to a plain room, consider hanging a colorful tapestry or vintage mirror over the bed.

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