Can a Person Have Feng Shui?

The question “Can a person have feng shui?” may be as simple as asking yourself if you have a sanctuary in your bedroom. If you can separate your workspace from your rest area, it’s possible to have a feng shui sanctuary. Here are a few tips to consider:

Keeping work and rest areas separate from feng shui

As an essential feng shui rule, keeping work and rest areas separate is very important. If the energies in your work and rest areas mix, the results are a cluttered, chaotic home. This can result in illness, divorce, and stress. Separating work and rest areas is a good way to keep these areas separate, avoid cluttered environments, and improve general health.

For many people, keeping their work and rest areas separate is challenging, especially if they work from home. Separating them is important in feng shui because it keeps the energy balanced and prevents bad energy from leaking into your home. Besides avoiding the mess that results from mixing work and rest areas, keeping them separate from each other can also boost your sense of self-esteem.


Getting rid of cancer

Geoffrey Boycott, a renowned author, sought help from an ancient Chinese system called Feng Shui after being diagnosed with throat cancer. His doctors had given him only three months to live and 80 percent chance of survival. A friend recommended him to Master Li. He sought help from the ancient Chinese master, who told him which direction to sleep in and which areas of the home were healthy. When diagnosed, Boycott was given a three-month life expectancy, but the use of Feng Shui and a corresponding change in his health prompted his doctors to recommend an alternative approach.

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Conceiving children

Feng shui tips for conceiving children can help couples to improve their chances of conception. First, make sure your bedroom is as clear as possible. Avoid hammering nails or sweeping under the bed. This will throw away fertility energy. If you’ve followed feng shui rules for your bedroom, you should still keep these items out of the room. For example, avoid placing a captain’s bed in your bedroom.

When it comes to conceiving children with feng shou, the best upgrade is a new space. Clear away your old, outdated furniture and clutter to make room for the new. Next, remove any items that may affect the fertility of your baby. Don’t forget to use baby-safe spray! You can even buy Feng shui furniture. Then, use your feng shui knowledge to get pregnant.

Conceiving children

Enhancing positive chi

The Chinese believe that all things in the world contain life energy, and feng shui is an ancient philosophy that helps people maximize this energy by designing the room they live in. Not only does better chi create better health, it also has positive effects on your professional and personal life. Improved chi is also good for your mood and your physical health. Here are some tips to improve the quality of your chi:

Place your bed, desk, and stove in the commanding position, or in a space where you can see the door. These items are considered the symbols of your career, health, wealth, and romance. Place them diagonally to the doorway to encourage the flow of positive chi. If possible, avoid placing them near a window or door. The door is a key location for positive chi.

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